Most wedding receptions happen at night.  That means it’s dark.  Which means you want light.  And we’ve got that.  Fancy lights which are even better!  Some venues have great spots to hang chandeliers… but we most commonly see them hanging in trees, in arbors at the ceremony, from beams in barns and posts in tents.  But just in case you’re not sure where to hang them, we have a chandelier stand which is perfect for hanging two chandeliers anywhere you want.



  1. Thick tree branches are your best friend!  One of the favorite things we’ve seen to date is 10+ chandeliers hanging in one tree.  Love!
  2. One chandelier feels pretty lonely when you’re designing larger spaces.  Pick two or three main areas that you’d like to feature and hang a cluster of chandeliers over each.


  1. Who hangs the chandeliers?  Given that we have no idea of what we’re getting into when we’re out on a delivery, we really need the venue or your volunteers to hang them.  But don’t worry, we’ll show you how.
  2. Crystal chandeliers take a bit more time to hang because some of the crystals come loose in transit.  That’s normal and it’s OK.  Just plan on a little extra time that’s well worth the wait.
  3. All of our chandeliers are hung from chains and can easily be plugged into extension cords.  Yes, they work.