Nothing transforms a space like the tables that fill most of the room.  Centerpieces and food get most of the attention, but we’re ok with that.  We like to think that our tables are the palette that made them look so good!

Our farm tables are 96″ long which means you can easily fit 4 on one side.  They’re 42″ wide which means you have room on the table for your food AND your design, not to mention the seats you can comfortably add on the ends if you’re so inclined.  And now we’ve got over 45 of them so we can seat 360-475 guests… or maybe more importantly, serve more than one wedding per weekend.

photo: Harwell Photography

photo: Harwell Photography

If you’d like a quote for having our Farm Tables at your event, please click HERE to add our tables to your Wish List and let us know how many you might like.

COST (per table)

$110 for 1-9 tables.
$95 for 10-19 tables.
$85 for 20-29 tables
$75 for 30+ tables.

Table labor fee for setup/teardown (ranges fro $75 – $150).
Delivery is quoted separately.


  1. It takes a while to setup and teardown the tables, so let’s chat about your schedule and how we can make it work. We’re big fans of tearing down the morning after, and we’ll set up as early as you let us.
  2. Our tables fill less than half our truck, so we’ve got plenty of room for more furniture and the delivery cost will stay the same.  Just a thought!

Photography Credits:
Harwell Photography
Paul Retherford Photography
Bradley James Photography
Heather Saunders Photography
Jamie + Sarah
Ever After Studios

To see our Farm Tables in action, check out this mind-blowing video by Coastline Studios which shows our tables (and rusty gazebo) in use at Fountain Point Resort in Norther Michigan (designed by A Day in May Events).  Watch the whole video, but our tables debut around 2:57.