There’s something about a pew. Renting pews for your wedding is not just about giving your guests a place to sit. There are plenty of white plastic folding chairs for that. Pews make backyards feel sacred and make fields feel like church.

White pews scream WEDDINGS.
And we have them for rent.

The video below has shots of our pews in action (captured by the one and only Coastline Studios), and then we’ll continue to add pictures to the bottom of this page as they come in.  If you’d like a quote for having our pews at your event, please click HERE to add our pews to your Wish List and we’ll be happy to get back to you with a quote.  Thank you!


  • Pews rent for $50 – $75 each BUT we offer serious discounts by the truckload!
  • Pew collections start at $395 and our most common ceremony offering is around $695 (+delivery).
  • Ask about our discount on pew rentals when you also rent one of our packages.


  1. We typically have the pews setup a few hours before your ceremony so you have plenty of time to decorate and take pictures.
  2. As for tearing them down, we often tear them down after the ceremony and family pictures while guests are eating dinner.  But if guests are nearby, we usually return at the end of the evening to tear them down.


Photography Credit:
Paul Retherford Photography
Heather Saunders Photography