Vintage seating vignettes are hands down one of our favorite things.  Let me tell you a story to share why… We’re most commonly not at the wedding to see our stuff in action.  We set it up in the morning and then come back later that night to pick it up.  But we were fortunate enough to be shooting Matt + Lindsay’s wedding, and we got to see our seating vignettes in action (they had moved the couches from the ceremony inside the barn near the dance floor for the reception).

It was the best thing ever!  As soon as dinner was over, there was a beeline of guests that rushed to claim their seats on the couches and sidechairs.  And let’s just say this wasn’t they younger guests at the reception.  We smiled so big it hurt!  Most seats that are made for dining are narrow, and not overly comfortable.  We LOVE having comfortable seating that encourages your guests to sit back and relax and enjoy your party.

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If you’re thinking about having vintage seating at your wedding, click HERE and start by adding a few favorite couches to your wishlist.  We’d be happy to help pair that with side chairs, coffee tables, and side tables.


  • Our couches and side chairs vary in cost.  But a full seating vignette including one couch, a pair of side chairs with a coffee and side table runs in the ballpark of $300.  Coffee and side tables make all the difference in the world and give you great spaces to decorate with flowers and candles.
  • For just $150-$200 more, you can book our ‘shag’ package which gives you $750 in rental credit which is enough for 2 full seating vignettes plus a little extra.  Or, if you’re going for a full on lounge area (which we LOVE), our ‘ruffled’ package will hook you up with 4ish vignettes and our ‘velvet’ package gives you enough rental credit to add buffets and other rentals on top of that.


  1. Great places for seating vignettes include:  outside the reception space if you’re having an outdoor wedding, near the dance floor for those who want to be near the party, cocktail area lounge, VIP seating for family in the front row of your ceremony, in the corners of the reception space for those wanting to kick back and talk.
  2. The most common question we’re asked is about what happens if there is damage.  We add a 10% cleaning fee/damage waiver to all furniture orders to help offset the cost of the regular cleaning.  And this also covers you in the event of accidental damage.  Please let us know if you have more questions about this and we’d be happy to walk you through that.