We want you to have more of the stuff you really want.  Packages is how we make that happen! You’re welcome to rent things a la carte (noting our $200 minimum order), but the serious discounting kicks in at $500 where we include an additional $250 in rental credit at at no additional cost.  And it only gets better from there on up.

Please note that we’re not able to include our farm tables, pews and eventually our camper in our package structure as these featured items are priced in a category of their own.  But everything else (which is pretty much most of our inventory) is open game.  Enjoy!


‘SHAG’ package*

$500 for $750 in rental credit.

  • Think 2 seating vignettes and a little something extra, or
  • Think 1 seating vignette with a couple buffets.
  • This is great for designing 2 or so featured areas.

‘RUFFLED’ package*

$800 for $1200 in rental credit

  • Think 4 seating vignettes
  • Think 2 seating vignettes, some chandeliers and 2 buffets
  • This is great for designing 3-4 featured areas

‘VELVET’ package*

$1200 for $1800 in rental credit

  • Go to town!!  This will likely fill a 26′ moving truck with furniture.  Heck yeah!
  • Great for having furniture inside + outside or at your ceremony + reception.
  • Think seating vignettes, dessert buffet, escort cards, ceremony programs, altar and more.

*Delivery is quoted separately and we add a 10% cleaning fee/damage waiver to all furniture rentals.
**Please note that packages above do not include the farm tables, pew collections or vintage camper.