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After being in the wedding rental business for a year.. ish … one thing became very clear.  There’s something we don’t have that a lot of people want. Vintage Dishes.

Fast forward a couple years and we still do not have them.  Why the heck not?!  We’ve asked ourselves that question more times than you could imagine.  But we do have an answer, and we think it’s a really good one!  The truth is… we’re not good at keeping the dishes clean in our own home, so we can’t imagine being responsible for hundreds of them every weekend.  Yikes!!

Then along came Jon + Jill’s beautiful wedding.  We had one of our favorite victorian couches at their wedding ceremony last July, and we were there shooting their wedding.  And then we saw it.  The most amazing dish presentation. Ever!   It was vintage eclectic china at its finest.  Stacks upon stacks of it.  In the most amazing colors (see pictures below from their wedding).

Fast forward one more year — we finally met the lady responsible for the awesomeness, Holly DeBoer of Gigi and Laclede who we are proud to say has “moved in” and has a beautiful showroom right in our very own warehouse.

So, at the end of the day, we still don’t do dishes.  But Holly does.  And she does them right.  You’re always invited to come by our warehouse to see our stuff.  But this is an extra special invite to come and see Holly too!  Just let us know if you’re wanting to swing by so we can both be sure to be there.

Photo Credit: STUDIO 6.23
Venue: The Centennial Barn
Dishes: Gigi & Laclede

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